Wednesday, December 26, 2018

January News and Specials

Happy New Year!

Phoebe- January 2019 flexi of the month
It's cold! But what else would you expect from January :-)
We had a very nice Christmas.How was yours this year?
My Hubby was home for the entire last week of the year, so we had a very nice "Staycation." Have you ever done that? Many of the nice visits of a Go-vacation, but without the packing, driving, and mess of one. Oh, and we have flush toilets, unlike with many of our Go-vacations! lol.

January Customer Special:

Free Pair of Bobbies with Retail Order purchase amount of $40 or more
Free Bobby Pin Pair value original Retail Price $10
Select styles offered at checkout


DOUBLE hostess rewards in January! 
That's right! 
You get twice as many rewards this month as any other month for hosting a Style Up! 

Introducing a Brand New product: The Beaded Curved U-pin

Freestyle- Decorated, Curved U-pin

Paradise- Curved U-pin
Penelope- Decorated curved U-pin

 Other new products this month:

Phoebe- decorated U-pin
Dakota- Braided 8

Mercy- Braided 8

January Enrollment Special

$99 (Normal $125)! 

I hope you all have a Great New Year!