Friday, May 11, 2018

What is Your Biggest Frustration with Your Hair?


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My Head HurtsI have never been much of a hair person. I didn’t have all my friends over to play with hair when I was a kid. I threw it back in a ponytail or just cut it short. A big reason for this is because few things have ever stayed put and were too much trouble to mess with every few minutes. My hair is very thin, straight, and slippery. I also have a very sensitive scalp, so too much messing with my hair hurts. A lot.

As an adult my hair got long enough ponytails kept getting in my way, so I started using a “claw.” These broke and hurt my head, but not as badly as ponytail holders. I figured it was the best I could do. The price of being a woman, or of not wanting short hair anymore.

Then I had five daughters. 

You know, hair accessories don’t get better when they are made for little kids? The Easter morning when a couple barrettes broke and another was lost BEFORE WE EVER LEFT THE HOUSE was the straw that broke the camel’s back. We all were so disappointed :-(

I was spending a fortune on hair accessories, and still never had anything that actually worked, without breaking, or hurting my girl's heads. 

A Solution

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Anything you can do with old fashioned hair accessories, you can do with Flexi Clips. 

I had just read about LillaRose from a blog about healthy eating that I followed. The author of the blog claimed to be a tom-boy and not good with hair, but she said LillaRose worked. So I bit the bullet and bought one. 

I was surprised how heavy it was when it arrived. It was obviously made from metal, not plastic, was soldered instead of glued together. It was easy to figure out, and, after a little bit of practice, was really easy to use. And it really did stay put!

I was convinced.

The LillaRose Flexi clip does not hurt my head like “The Claw.”
It does not pull my hair out like a ponytail holder.
It stays put and doesn’t break like barrettes do. (In fact, the company has a one year guarantee!)

And it’s Gorgeous!!!

What more could you ask for?

The Flexi Clip ...

Comes in seven sizes, so just about every hair size and type has a clip that fits perfectly.

And the fit is important. It is the tension in the clip that makes it hold in place.

(For a video that does a great job of helping you choose which size you need) 

(Styles shown:

  • XXL Kaleidoscope
  • XL Steampunk
  • L Carmine
  • M Dolphin (sorry, discontinued)
  • S Habiscus Sunset
  • XS Flitter
  • XXS Tawny)
  • Lilla Rose offers a lot of other products:

    • Hairbands with replaceable Comfort Straps that don't go "woosh" off the back of your head (designed so you can put up to three strands on each Strap). 
    • Jewelry Chains to turn Hairbands into necklaces.
    • Magnetic Clasps to turn Hairbands into bracelets, or make necklaces easier to take on and off (I use them on non-LillaRose necklaces, too).
    • Bobby Pins (Much stronger than normal bobbies. These won't fall out of your hair.)
    • Hair Sticks
    • U-Pins (Many women like these as well as the Flexis)
    Click to go shopping.
    All in all, Lilla Rose has solved so many problems I hadn't even consciously realized I had with my hair. Imagine doing your hair up in 1 minute, with no pain, and having it stay that way all day, AND look beautiful!  I don't have to imagine. This is now my Everyday Hair Experience.

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